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  About the Academy

Upstate United FC Academy offers high quality soccer training at our outdoor facilities for players of all ages and skill levels. UUFC Academy specializes in fostering the development of players of all levels by providing exceptional training, exposure and  opportunities both local and in the United States.

Apart from technical and tactical skills, UUFC Academy players are also trained to be smart players with an excellent understanding of the game including high levels of confidence and preparation for competition. We also aim at transmitting the true values and philosophy of soccer such as fair play, respect and commitment.

Our soccer players compete in major state competition events & showcases, getting exposure to the next level. They are also eligible for exclusive programs only available at UUFC Academy. As Upstate United FC is part of the United  Premier Soccer League (UPSL) , everyone has an incredible opportunity to be selected to play at the Semi-Professional level and beyond. Our objective is to develop and promote local talent within our community

Our Core Values

To provide a fun, safe, quality soccer experience for all youth who desire to participate. To develop all of our players to the best of their ability. To promote excellence in sportsmanship and conduct in all players, coaches, referees and parents.

We aspire to provide our community with the highest levels of quality soccer coaching and experiences to ignite a lifelong passion and involvement within the game.

Creating opportunities, developing excellence, inspiring our community.

High-intensity, possession based soccer built upon finding gaps between the lines via individual skill, movement off the ball and clever combination play in order to create opportunities and score.


* Develop techniques, tactics, strength, confidence and improve your understanding of the game.
* Educate and transmit soccer values such as fair play, commitment and team spirit.
* Implement the UUFC Academy program by highly-skilled and licensed coaching staff.
* Encourage national experiences through tournaments and boarding programs.
* Monitor and report players development.
* Extend position-specific and elite training to high potential players.




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